The Dutch haze strains have an extremely loyal fan base within the medical marijuana community and generally speaking for good reason. The haze strains of marijuana are known for their smooth transition into a soaring lucid, cerebral, and an extraordinarily elevated high. If there was a main downside it would be that haze is a rather difficult strain to cultivate.

A vigorous starter, with tall and willowy arms, hazes are known to have a long flowering period, taking anywhere from 3 to 4 months during this phase of the plants life. In addition, the bolting size of the haze plant has to be carefully managed as does its finicky response to conditions. Even when conditions are optimal and are managed to perfection, this cannabis strain tends to deliver a slightly less than average yield.

When marijuana seed breeders try to improve the gardening characteristics, it is often at the expense of losing some of the much sought after medicated effects. Dutch passions answer for the haze enthusiast is the Dutch haze strain. This mostly sativa, all Haze variety was developed from Dutch passions extensive genetic seed bank and network of breeding expertise. It was from the Dutch passion genetic form that many of their readers grew hundreds of these specific strains, crossing them with some of North America’s top haze strains. Subjecting them to a lengthy, discerning selection process to create what is now known as haze, which finishes faster with more improved yields… But doesn’t come compromise the true nature of the haze high.

As is true with most hazes, Dutch haze is still best suited to indoor or greenhouse grows. Flowering time has been considerably reduced, finishing the flower period after just 9 to 11 weeks within that cycle. The Dutch haze strain is known to be robust, with good resistance to many molds, fungus, and spider mites. In addition to allowing many novice gardeners a greater chance of success with these difficult to grow haze strains. As noted earlier, they have a tendency to get large, lanky and cumbersome, thus requiring size management.

The Dutch haze high captures all of the uplifting intensity that haze enthusiasts crave. This smoke is rich and smooth with a distinct herbal flavors and smells. The transition from a stressed-out reality to the elevated frame of mind is seamless an experience in which everyday stress seems to fade into the background, filed in its proper place… useless. The experienced cultivator who loves the haze genetic strain will recognize the genuine haze high and will also enjoy the more gratifying experience during the sometimes frustrating growing process.